Last week at Cisco live! 2017 EMEA in the historic city of Berlin, we shared the early availability of Contiv 1.0 with almost 14,000 customers and partners. Today, we are excited to share the milestone with our broader community.
Additionally, I am thrilled to report that Docker has certified Contiv as the very first certified container networking product, and it is now available in the Docker Store. Docker Certification Program recognizes products that excel in quality, collaborative support and compliance. Integration and testing by Docker to certify Contiv is yet another data-point for our customers about its production readiness which enables them to adopt containers with confidence and low risk.

What is Contiv?

Contiv is an open source container networking fabric for heterogeneous container deployments across virtual machines, bare-metal, and public or private clouds. As the industry’s most powerful container networking fabric, Contiv, with its Layer 2, Layer 3, overlay and ACI modes, natively integrates with Cisco infrastructure and maps the application intent with the infrastructure capabilities using rich networking and security policies.


Any Infrastructure, Any Platform, Any Networking

Every application has unique requirements such as compliance, security, scale, performance etc and can be deployed across heterogeneous hybrid models – on-premises bare-metal, virtual machines or private clouds or public clouds. Getting locked to only one of these is no longer an option. Contiv provides consistent networking on all of the above giving you the choice and flexibility to deploy your containerized on any infrastructure.

Contiv brings production-grade networking to containers running on any platform – Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or OpenShift

Contiv supports Layer 2, Layer 3, Overlays and ACI mode as networking backends to meet your application needs or infrastructure topologies. With ACI mode, Contiv provides the unified networking fabric – a single networking pane for your cloud native and traditional applications deployed on containers, virtual machines and bare-metal. By natively integrating with industry-leading Cisco infrastructure, Contiv enables DevOps teams to declaratively take advantages of infrastructure capabilities.

Rich Networking and Security Policies

Scale and speed requirements for containerized workloads are unique and policy-based automation is key. With Contiv, cloud architects, and IT admin teams can create, manage and consistently enforce operational policies such as multi-tenant traffic isolation, microsegmentation, bandwidth prioritization, latency requirements, and policies for L4-L7 network services. Further, Contiv’s policy constructs enable portability so it doesn’t matter whether developers are experimenting with containers on their laptops or Ops teams are deploying in production environment across hundreds of nodes, there can be one common and consistent view of operational policies.

What’s New in Contiv 1.0?


Identity and Access Management

Working with hundreds of customers and Contiv community, we heard loud and clear that enterprise grade features such as identity and role based access control are a must have. We have delivered just that. Users get appropriate privileges to create, manage and consume policies depending on their role as administrators, DevOps or developers.


Dramatically simplified experience

With all new user interface, simpler installation, much-improved documentation and step-by-step tutorials, Contiv 1. 0, elevates user experience to entirely new level.

Contiv 1.0 is feature packed. To review all the newly added features, and bug fixes, please visit contiv.io.

It’s never been easier to try Contiv. Get started now with step-by-step tutorials

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  2. In case you missed Contiv sessions @ Cisco live! EMEA, my previous blog summarizes the key sessions. They will be available on-demand at ciscolive.com.
  3. Download certified image from the Docker Store.



Amit Sharma

Product Marketing Manager