Infographic: Are you ready for the Hybrid Cloud?

March 29, 2016 - 2 Comments

Many organizations realize the fact that only a limited percentage of private cloud implementations will remain within the boundaries of their data center(s). And that is why they are already deploying hybrid clouds to achieve significant benefits such as:

  • Lower TCO
  • On-demand flexibility for hosting workloads on-premises or in the cloud
  • Faster response to market and business needs
  • Better alignment between business and IT

But what are the key ingredients for your hybrid cloud? The infographic below outlines some of the key points …

Cisco Cloud Infographic


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  1. Enrico, this is nothing against you. I don’t even know you so apologies in advance for difficult questions. I am sure you are fabulous. I am replying for two reasons:

    1. You are stating the obvious i.e. benefits of hybrid cloud. You are not touching how to achieve those benefits. In extreme small letters you are asking me to go to and learn more. Fine. From there I need to go to private and hybrid cloud page. On that page there are at least 10 products mentioned. I need to figure out which is relevant for hybrid cloud. I did. Cisco ONE enterprise cloud suite, again this page goes into complexity, problems, challenges, benefits. It has 4-5 case studies, mostly on service providers side and none on hybrid cloud. Deep down in some document it mentions “How Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business and Cisco Prime Service Catalog
    Create a Hybrid Cloud”
    Is this is what you wanted me to see?

    I genuinely wanted to learn how Cisco is delivering on benefits or solving challenges that you outlined in the Infographic

    2. We have been burnt by believing in Cisco’s marketing before so checking- are you just stating problems/benefits or does Cisco has a point of view on solution. Regards

    • Hello Gary – Thanks for your interest in our cloud portfolio …. Obviously, hybrid cloud is a broad topic and depending on your existing IT environment, capabilities and use cases different approaches may be required. Our cloud portfolio includes cloud professional services in addition to specific products and solutions (directly or via a partner.) We also continue to expand our cloud portfolio (see for example our announcement regarding the intent to acquire CliQr). Are you already working with a Cisco account team or a Cisco Partner? If you are a customer or a partner please contact me directly ( so we can discuss your specific Hybrid Cloud use case(s) and how we can help you implement them while addressing the concerns you may have. Best Regards,