I’m on my way to Barcelona and I’m more excited than ever to attend another Cisco Live! The reason why I’m so pumped up is twofold. First of all, the economy cabin of my long-haul flight from San Francisco to Munich treated me much better than expected and I almost slept for the entire duration of the flight, something that almost never happened to me before! Apart from my unusual good mood while in transit, my excitement comes from the fact that we have terrific cloud footprint at the show.

In fact, at Cisco Live we show how we continue to accelerate the execution of our Multicloud strategy, which addressed the ever-increasing need of businesses to use multiple clouds.

But why using multiple clouds?

The main reason is that businesses want to accelerate their digital transformation plans and that requires more innovation faster, which means more applications faster.

No one cloud has it all and that’s why the need of using applications and platforms as-a-service in the public cloud.

There is no doubt that the public cloud role is revolutionizing the way applications are developed and consumed. However, few organizations have what it takes to harness this enormous potential. In particular IT teams are struggling to evolve their processes and technologies to build consistent environments across the private and public domains. That’s where Cisco comes to the rescue!

Cisco’s approach is aimed at solving our customers’ needs to “glue” together very diverse cloud environments. In order to achieve that, we provide consistent Networking, Security, Analytics and Management technologies across any of the clouds that our customers need. Plain and Simple.

Which leads me to the action in Barcelona…

For the first time we will have Google Cloud, Azure and AWS, all joining us at Cisco Live!

These great innovators recognize Cisco’s technology and go-to-market role in enabling our customers to embrace the Multicloud world. We are very pleased to have them with us and look forward to showcase our collaboration with them.

Here are some highlights of what you’ll see if you come to Barcelona:

  • First and foremost, Google Cloud showcases our joint open hybrid cloud solution, a result of the partnership announced last October
  • Azure and Cisco present how we collaborate to support our joint customers to connect to the Azure cloud with confidence
  • Finally, AWS Marketplace and Cisco demonstrate how to connect and secure customer connections to the AWS cloud

We are proud to collaborate with these great innovators and if there’s a proof about the fact that we’re executing our Multicloud strategy, well, there you have it!

And wait, there’s more…

Our cloud action will culminate on Day 2 (Jan 31st), when we announce a new Cisco platform that will take our Multicloud portfolio even further. Stay tuned.

See you in Barcelona!



Fabio Gori

Vice President

Cross-Architecture Marketing