OK, I’ll cop to this right up front: I called my most recent guest “Vekler.” On tape.

The problem with that is that his name is not Vekler. It’s Voelker. Sounds like “Velker.” With the L before the K. He patiently explained this to me prior to the recording, when I asked him how to pronounce his name. And I was confident that I could retain that simple tidbit of information for the next sixty seconds, but apparently I was overestimating my intellectual firepower on that particular morning.

So my apologies to you Mark Voelker. You were a lovely, intelligent guest, and you did not deserve to have your last name mangled by a podcast host with a deplorably brief attention span. Thank you so much for being on the show and sharing what you know!

For those of you considering tuning into this episode, here’s what Mark Voelker (L before K), and I talked about:

  • How a kid raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina found his way to a career in tech
  • The 5G buildout that telcos are currently working on and how that’s impacting OpenStack adoption
  • The importance of using multiple clouds to spread risk
  • The trend toward distributed computing
  • The hottest projects and interest groups in the OpenStack world right now

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager