Do you feel like you “get” the Cisco/Google hybrid cloud partnership? The announcement went out in late October, and it seemed to generate a lot of excitement on a very general level. Folks in the press said things along the lines of “This makes sense. Cisco has the hardware infrastructure and the established enterprise sales channels, Google has powerful public cloud tools and is looking to grow market share, it could turn into something great.”

The question since then though has been, “What form will this greatness take? Is it real? Should we care about it?”

OK, that’s really a series of questions, but you get where I’m going. It’s been 3.5 months now, and the world wants to know if there’s any substance behind the announcement.

That is where this week’s guest Pete Johnson comes in. Pete is a unique character in that he came to Cisco just a couple years ago via the CliQr acquisition, but has quickly integrated himself into the company well beyond the invisible organizational fence that may have initially existed around his former employer. He’s an important part of our cloud team from both a strategic and technical perspective, and that includes involvement in our hybrid cloud partnership with Google. In fact, having spoken with a number of people now about the partnership, I’ve got to say that I think he explains the concrete benefits (and the technology enabling them) better than anyone at our company.

So if you’re one of those people wondering about the aforementioned substance, and how it may benefit you and your company, check out this week’s episode of Cloud Unfiltered. A few of the subjects Pete discussed with us include:

  • How Cisco is partnering with all of the three major public cloud companies
  • What makes the Cisco/Google partnership unique, and what we hope to achieve with it.
  • What he means when he says we’re developing this project in a very “non-Cisco” way
  • A few of the cool things Cisco Container Platform will allow you to do if you’re a developer
  • How Apigee and Istio will play into the larger Cisco/Google Hybrid Cloud offering
  • What a serverless software architecture is going to look like, and what they’re doing at the bleeding edge of the technology right now

See the full video podcast on our YouTube page, or listen to the full audio version on SoundCloud. And if you like what you hear, we invite you to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any of the other exciting podcasts we have scheduled over the next several months.


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager