Cloud security is the kind of topic that can make you sigh, shake your head, and quickly look for some other, less daunting project to deal with—no doubt about it. I mean honestly—what do you even define as “cloud” in your particular environment, and what constitutes “secure”? Is your only job to worry about your on-premises private cloud? Do you have to worry about the public cloud too? The entire Internet? The answers to these questions—even within the same company—will vary wildly. And that makes it difficult to even get started.

But what if there was a quick, simple, and relatively inexpensive step you could take that would reduce your vulnerability instantly? One that would predict attacks before they happen and prevent employees from accessing malicious domains. Would you be interested? If the answer is “You betcha!” then be sure to tune in to this week’s Cloud Unfiltered. In Episode 18, Cisco’s Chris Riviere will talk about a different take on cloud security. Specifically, he’ll explain:

  •  What Cisco Umbrella is and why it’s different from other security solutions
  •  What type of companies are using Umbrella
  • Some of the security breaches he has personally uncovered using Umbrella
  • The growth of cryptocurrency and the different ways it’s being used (no, this has nothing to do with    security—it’s just something else Chris is into)
  • How to get started with cryptocurrency

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager