Jeff Dickey doesn’t believe in the open source business model, and he doesn’t think that cloud is going to make your life any easier.

Provocative, right? Not exactly the song that most people in the industry are singing. But here’s the thing: Jeff works for Redapt—a company that builds enormous cloud systems for companies in all kinds of industries—so he’s got a front row seat to the most current action in the cloud space. He speaks with the IT leaders ordering the systems, with the operators using them, and with the vendors creating the hardware and software these systems are running. He hears what’s working, he hears what’s not working, and he sees trends developing in real-time, before analysts are able to uncover them by crunching the numbers. Which all makes him a very interesting guest—to put it mildly.

Want to hear more? Tune in to hear Jeff’s opinions on:

  • What could have been done differently with OpenStack
  • Why vendor lock-in is not necessarily a bad thing
  • Which companies are winning in the container space
  • Why CEOs who think cloud will reduce headcount are completely wrong
  • How the industry giants may have the advantage in the next wave of cloud
  • How a cloud can work perfectly, but still be unsuccessful

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager