Have you heard of Tim Crawford? If you’re an IT leader and you haven’t, you’re in for a treat today. Tim is an advisor to CIOs and enterprise organizations across a number of industries including financial services, healthcare, tech firms, and major airlines. He’s an internationally renowned thought leader in the areas of IT transformation, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT). Which is to say, he is wise. So wise that CIOs (or at least their companies) pay him handsomely for advice on how they can do their jobs more effectively.

And today you will get to hear some of that very valuable wisdom for free on Episode 02 of Cloud Unfiltered.

During this week’s interview with host Niki Acosta, Tim talks about:

  • The difference between Traditional and Transformational CIOs
  • Using culture to differentiate your company when dollars aren’t enough
  • What does and doesn’t concern him about ISP data sharing
  • What the “gooey center” is and why you’ve got to find it
  • How to figure out whether you should be targeting the CIO with your product pitch
  • The desperate need for most companies to update their cultures and processes

See the video podcast on our YouTube page, listen to the audio version on SoundCloud, or read the transcript if you prefer. And if you like what you hear, we invite you to subscribe to these respective channels so you don’t miss any of the exciting podcasts we have scheduled over the next several months. Enjoy!


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager