This is the finale of our entirely unintentional three-part series on cloud computing at the edge. In Episode 59 we learned about StarlingX—OpenStack’s new cloud-at-the-edge project. In Episode 60 we heard all about the mission and methods of the OpenStack Edge Computing Group. Now we wrap it up by exploring who is going to benefit from a cloud-at-the-edge strategy—as well as who might just not need to worry about it. And when I say “explore,” I mean it. In this interview we walk through a handful of theoretical use cases where Matt not only goes over the business case for each, but also dives deep into a number of the technical hurdles that would have to be overcome for some of these scenarios to play out successfully (Pete was cooking up some very complex and specific scenarios for Matt to sort out that pretty much paid no regard to the current capabilities of any of the technologies involved). If you’re game for that kind of discussion you’re in for a treat. Some of the other specifics Matt covers include:

  • What he’ll be talking about in his breakout session at KubeCon
  • How he defines the edge
  • The implications of autoscaling in the cloud
  • What the dream looks like for developers at the edge
  • How cloud at the edge can make sporting events better, disaster recovery faster, and fast food ordering more pleasant

The video version of our interview is below. Watch it right now, or listen to it via iTunes or SoundCloud. If you like what you hear, visit our archive to explore all the other episodes you’ve missed.


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager