Do you know what StarlingX is?

Yeah we didn’t either. But it was just announced at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin, and there seemed to be quite a bit of hoopla around it, so we decided to hunt down someone from the project and invite them to the show so we could get to the bottom of all the excitement.

The someone we found was Glenn Seiler, and as he explains, StarlingX is a pretty fascinating project. It’s all about enabling cloud at the edge. Which is a pretty ambitious goal if you think about it. To quote the StarlingX website, “StarlingX provides a deployment-ready, scalable and highly reliable edge infrastructure software platform to build mission critical edge clouds. Tested and released as a complete stack, StarlingX ensures compatibility among diverse open source components. Its unique project components provide fault management and service management among others to ensure high availability of user applications.”

No problem if that didn’t all sink in yet. Just tune in to today’s podcast to hear Glenn break it down. Specifically, he covers:

  • What StarlingX is
  • Why we need it (or we will in the near future)
  • Who among “we” really really want it right now
  • What Edge is and what it is not
  • Use cases for StarlingX
  • Why the project founders chose OpenStack
  • Goals for the next release

If you’re ready to watch the episode right now, just click below and you’re in business. If you’re more of a podcast listener though, and would rather squirrel this away and enjoy it during your commute, pop on over to iTunes, SoundCloud, or whatever podcatcher you prefer and this episode should turn up.

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager