If you tune in to Cloud Unfiltered on a regular basis, you know that we touch on the subject of serverless technologies fairly frequently. But the key word there is “touch.” We mention it, I reliably tease Pete about his enthusiasm for it, then we spend two or three minutes (max) discussing an element of it with the guest on hand before we move on.

But this episode is different. In this episode I think it’s fair to say that we get down and dirty on the subject of serverless. We muck around in the different technologies, the different terminologies, adoption patterns, and potential impact on the industry. We (and by “we” I mostly mean Pete and Krishnan) talk about how it all works, what could work better, and which companies are making the most progress using it. This was not our plan, but it’s where the conversation went, and I think if you’re curious about serverless, you’ll be glad it did. A few of the specific subjects we talked about include:

  • How the PaaS conversation has changed over the past year or so
  • Why IT needs to support developer interest in Lambda (and other serverless technologies)
  • When to use a serverless approach and when to go with containers
  • Why Krish is so passionate about Fargate
  • What he would do if he was a C-suite tech exec today
  • What he’s looking forward to at Microsoft Ignite

Just click on the episode below if you’d like to watch it right now. If you’re the slap-on-some-headphones-and-listen-while-you-do-administrative-work type though, fear not—it’s available on iTunes and SoundCloud too.

And if you’d like to check out past episodes of this podcast (we’ve got more than 50 of them), just pop on over to the archive at https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/cloud/podcasts.html. I suspect you’ll find one in there that speaks to you.


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager