We talk about containers a lot on this show. But we need to talk about containers a lot. They’re a big part of the momentum cloud computing is carrying right now. They were relevant last year, they are relevant right now, and at the rate they’re evolving, they’ll continue to be relevant for quite some time.

So let’s keep digging in and looking at this technology from all the different angles we need to until we’ve learned everything we can.

This week we had Tony Campbell on the show. He’s got a long history of involvement with OpenStack, and he worked at Rackspace for years, so his cloud credentials are solid. But now he works at CoreOS, so containers are a big part of his job and that makes him a great contributor to our ongoing conversation on the topic. We had a terrific talk during which he explained:

  • How his plan to become an actor ultimately led to a career in tech
  • Why he believes in the ability of the OpenStack to evolve and grow even as other hot technologies pop up around it
  • The difference between how traditional apps were updated vs. how containerized apps are updated
  • The difference between operators and controllers in Kubernetes and how both work
  • The most exciting things he saw at KubeCon earlier this month
  • What’s new with Kubernetes

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager