When Rand Morimoto was 11 years old, he did some sweeping and other cleanup tasks at a local business in exchange for the privilege of playing their computer games.

One day, the mainframe that the company depended on broke down. IBM techs came out and tried to fix it, but they were all too large to get inside the machine and access the vacuum tube that needed to be replaced. At 11 however, Rand was just the right size. So they hung him upside down inside the mainframe, where he successfully replaced the tube and repaired the machine.

 And with that, an impressive IT career began. One that would lead him to serve as the Internet Security Advisor to the White House during the Clinton administration, get a Ph.D. in Motivational System Theories, become a published author, start a business, and travel the world speaking about technology and entrepreneurship.

In an exceptional episode of Cloud Unfiltered, Rand discusses all of those things, as well as:

  • The Equifax data breach
  • Why companies should treat their data a little more like Fort Knox treats its gold
  • Why Azure took off so fast and continues to grow
  • How the “psychology of cyberspace” is helpful when pursuing hackers
  • Why you should focus on protecting the 5% of your data that really matters instead of trying to protect all of it
  • What he means when he says “you can be part of the change or you can be a victim of it.”

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager