The results of the annual OpenStack User Survey are scheduled to be released today, and we at Cloud Unfiltered were lucky enough to bag an interview in advance with Heidi Joy Tretheway, Senior Marketing Manager at the OpenStack Foundation, and administrator of the survey in question. Heidi Joy shared all kinds of interesting highlights from this year’s data haul, including:

  • What size most of the companies are that adopt OpenStack
  • Which regions of the world these companies are located in
  • Which industries they represent
  • How old most of their clouds are
  • How much of the average user’s cloud is on OpenStack vs. other cloud platforms
  • What kind of workloads they are running on OpenStack

She also got into several subjects outside the scope of the survey, such as:

  • How the Foundation came into being and how it works
  • Why you should go to the OpenStack Summit in Boston
  • Why the grocery store is the best place to go for souvenirs when traveling abroad

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager