It’s not really a secret – video is hot and trending, both as a marketing tool and new, modern communication medium. Just check out the facts:

  • 93% of marketers use video for marketing activities
  • Video is the top 3 most effective social media tactic
  • Using “video” in your email subject line will increase open rates by 19% and click throughs by 65%

That’s pretty compelling right?


As a marketer in Cisco’s Cloud business myself, I often get asked many questions about cloud:

  • What is cloud and how does it work?
  • How does cloud apply to my life?
  • Why should I care cloud and how do I explain it?

These are truly a snippet of people’s care-abouts. So, I started thinking: how do we help demystify cloud and explain what it means in an easy-to-consume, fast and engaging way? In other words, how do we create something that makes the learning process easy, captivating and interesting?

We had an idea: let’s film a interactive, educational cloud video series and explore the major key facets so we can help others understand, articulate and share with anyone, anywhere.

Thanks to an awesome team (Harold Bell, Elizabeth Naumann and Krishna Parab), we were able to develop the video scripts, filming vision and complete process to make this happen.

Here’s a photo of us on filming day!



We finished the first round of videos, and it was an amazing time. Our entire video process looked like this:

  • Identify top key cloud topics to demystify
  • Identify the audience journey we would take you on, so you could easily build your knowledge from beginning to end
  • Develop cloud video scripts, and incorporate in-house cloud expertise
  • Develop video filming storyboard, locations and other logistics
  • Set up shop and film
  • Edit and produce the final versions you see below

For me, it was interesting seeing the process develop from beginning to end. For others on the team, it was educational and eye opening learning about cloud. By developing this series, we hope you learn more about cloud and are able to articulate what it looks like, what it means, and exactly how it impacts your life today.


By now, you’re probably curious and want to watch one of these videos yourself. Look no further! We have them all below in one easy to access YouTube list below. Happy watching!


We hope you enjoy watching this series. Feel free to leave any comments below or connect with me further on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Jennifer Wei

Marketing Management Specialist

GMCC-Services Cloud & Big Data Mktg