Identifying Connectivity Challenges

TIM Brazil had a problem to solve. Their country of more than 200 million people has massive geographical regions lacking reliable internet service, and the company sought a cost-effective way to expand connectivity and offer high-quality streaming content to its growing population. They needed to find the best way to address this challenge without incurring the significant costs typical of such large-scale projects.

While mainly a mobile operator with 50 million customers and the widest 4G coverage in the country, TIM Brazil needed to offer more. They knew the only way to improve end-user experiences was through improved digital connectivity. There are 5,500 cities in Brazil, of which about 4,800 have fewer than 30,000 residents and these small towns scattered across the countryside were facing major connectivity challenges.

The company was already in the process of expanding basic digital connectivity and they wanted a solution that would allow them to up-level the quality of streaming media and help solve the problem of insufficient network scale.

Implementing Perfectly Matched Solutions

We were happy to find that this was a challenge we could help meet. Our next-generation content delivery solution combines Cisco’s innovations in edge computing with Qwilt’s expertise in content delivery software. It was a perfect match based on several factors:

  • The solution brings content into the network edge, closer to users. It’s designed to reduce latency, and in turn, significantly improve the Quality of Experience (QoE).
  • It provides TIM Brazil with direct visibility and control of streaming media traffic from multiple content providers, offering the ability to pool resources and deliver at scale.
  • The solution is based on a unique business model that enables TIM Brazil to monetize its role in the content delivery value chain.
  • It allows the development of new and future use cases that leverage streaming content, which is critical for business growth.

Since its initial launch last year, our content delivery solution has been gaining traction with Communication Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide. Its attractiveness is rooted in two considerations: increased demand and the need to deliver high-quality services and applications economically.

Remote coastal region of Brazil

First, the demand for high-quality streaming content continues to grow across both consumers and enterprises alike. The need for this has become even more apparent with the recent global pandemic that forced most of the world’s population, whether for business or personal reasons, to collaborate and communicate remotely through streaming solutions like WebEx. The growth of video is so phenomenal that by next year, we predict it will account for an astonishing 82 percent of all internet traffic.

At the same time, edge technologies help eliminate traffic transport costs, peering point bottlenecks, and quality issues associated with running services and applications at core data centers located much farther away from end users. Within this landscape, many CSPs are keen to move beyond being just a connectivity provider to play a more important and impactful role in the edge value chain – toward new revenue streams and business growth.

With our new solution, TIM Brazil can now bring top-notch streaming experiences to everyone, whether they live in densely populated big cities, in remote coastal regions, or somewhere in between.

As stated last December by TIM Brazil’s CTIO, Leonardo Capdeville, the adoption of our solution is part of a unique “movement” in Brazil, with its continental dimensions, where maintaining quality services is “one of TIM’s pillars in the country”. Our more recent communication with TIM Brazil’s Executive Manager Angelo Faverzani further validates the successful choice they’ve made. He stated that a robust content delivery solution serves as a firm foundation to more expansive use cases across many industry sectors, with the potential to positively impact the lives of every Brazilian.

Together with Qwilt, we’re honored to be a part of TIM Brazil’s amazing transformational journey to the edge. But don’t just take it from me. Spend a few minutes learning more about TIM Brazil’s success story and hear testimonials in their own words.


Mina Paik

Telco Cloud Product Marketing Leader

Mass-scale Infrastructure Group