Customers are gaining market power and they want to interact with your organization using digital technologies.   As a result there is a plethora of automation solutions on the market.   Did you ever wish for guidance on these solutions from industry peers?

Since 1986, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) has recognized software and digital content providers with CODiE awards.  The SIIA CODiE is the only peer-reviewed program that showcases technology products for business and education.  SIIA represents approximately 800 member companies worldwide that develop software and digital information content.

Recently, SIIA announced the winners of their CODiE awards and Cisco was a double winner!

Winner Best Cloud InfrastructureCODiE:   Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite

Winner Best Cloud Management Solution:    CliQr CloudCenter (now Cisco CloudCenter)

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite is a hybrid cloud solution that allows organizations to land and expand their cloud journey.  This solution’s modular architecture allows companies’ to start with basic infrastructure automation and then move into more sophisticated use cases, such as IT and business-based service delivery.   Your business benefits because it gets to experience the ROI and benefits of automation faster. We have found that this modular approach reduces the fear and dread of automation within organizations resulting in faster adoption of automation across additional organizational areas such as application development.

CliQr CloudCenter (now Cisco CloudCenter) reduces the complexity and number of applications needed to capitalize on the benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy.   Let me explain further.

You want to deploy an application onto three platforms, say your data center and two public cloud environments.  With no common API for cloud, you have the privilege of writing, updating and maintaining three separate code streams of that same application.  Cisco CloudCenter eliminates all that costly duplication with an architecture that allows you to model the application once as a profile. That single profile can then be deployed into over 19 different data center, private or public cloud platforms.

Cisco’s hybrid cloud duo provides any organization with a simple way to get started and grow as your expertise of cloud services evolves.  These solutions provision and manage heterogeneous hardware, support any platform and virtually eliminate cloud lock in further increasing organizational speed and flexibility.  Best of all, both solutions contain built-in guardrails that are hidden from developers or line-of-business to silently protect your business compliance and security.

Watch these videos to learn more about Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and Cisco CloudCenter.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco