John McDonough talks Intercloud Fabric on TechWiseTV
John McDonough talks Intercloud Fabric on TechWiseTV

TechWiseTV Episode 174 featuring Cisco Intercloud Fabric, part of the Enterprise Cloud Suite with guest John McDonough, @johnamcdonough

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The Intercloud Fabric offers an answer for every enterprise that recognizes hybrid cloud is the goal, yet still faces the inevitable ‘how to’ questions.

The proverbial ‘how do I have my cake and eat it too.”

Intercloud Fabric offers the best of

  • Private clouds: security, control, visibility…with Public Clouds: scale, choice, geography.
  • Choice, Consistency, Control and Compliance – all worthy goals on their own.
  • Finally available together.

This show is another step diving into the goodies found within the Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite

We have previously covered a couple of different technologies  for modular automation in the Private Cloud with Prime Service Catalog, Stack Designer and more.  See Episode 171: Cloud Agility.

Cisco Intercloud Fabric is a hybrid cloud software solution offering a choice selection from private and public clouds so that you can get exactly what you need.

The choices have historically been too binary and did not offer enough control.  Not enough visibility. Certainly hard to prove compliance.

But, cloud does not have to be about public OR private.

It’s public AND private.

Intercloud Fabric addresses this through the management layer and allows you to connect to multiple clouds, all in a seamless and consistent manner.

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The always lovable Robb Boyd on TechWiseTV
The always lovable Robb Boyd on TechWiseTV


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