Are you still being ‘defensive’ with your mobility strategy? Truly embracing mobility is not about offering Wi-Fi or a comfy chair. Getting offensive with mobility involves the planned intersection of technology and business strategy allowing you to outthink and outpace your competition.

Episode 145 of TechWiseTV includes some of our favorite new stuff announced at Interop.


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Quick summary –

  • Making the most of Mobility with Prashanth Shenoy
  • CMX: Connected Mobile Experience with Darryl Sladden
  • RSSI: Received signal strength indication, a Jimmy Ray whiteboard experience
  • EMSP: Enterprise Mobility Services Platform with Vijaya Baliwada
  • Check the Spec 2700 Series Access Points
  • Prime Service Catalog – Song Toh

A few key stats beyond what we called out on the show. Very interesting.

  • 59% of companies have adopted an enterprise-wide mobility strategy (Accenture 2013 Mobility CIO Survey)
  • Mobile device use in the workplace will grow 3-fold from 150M devices in 2012 to 450M in 2014 -IDC Research
  • From the Aberdeen Study – Sales Mobility: How Best in Class Remote Sellers are Replacing “See” with “Do” found that 40% of the best-in-class companies surveyed said their sales reps regularly use mobile devices during client meeting.
  • 75% of US digital shoppers would purchase more with a personalized experience. A survey conducted by comScore and Millennial Media indicates that more than half (52%) of respondents use their mobile phones to determine if they need a product. 42% stated that they use their phones to conduct deeper research about a product and a staggering 38% use a mobile device when making a purchase

Enterprise Mobility is on an increasingly interesting growth curve.

  • Opportunity is Everywhere
  • We must capitalize on the Opportunity
  • We must develop:
    1. High Performance Infrastructure
    2. Network Aware Applications
    3. Innovative Mobile Experiences
  • Where is the Business Intelligence? and…
    • What could we do with it if we had it?
  • Three announcements to match up with the needed developments:
    1. 802.11ac Portfolio Expansion with the 2700 Series
    2. EMSP – Enterprise Mobility Services Platform – software and services platform that supports cross-environment mobile app development, management, and integration with back-end application and network data.
      3. New release of CMX – Connected Mobile Experiences a business-to-consumer (B2C) solution that lets businesses detect, connect, and engage customers over Wi-Fi.
      – Cisco Mobile Workspace – a business-to-employee (B2E) solution that gives your mobile employees highly secure, easy access to a portable workspace environment from any device.

CMX with Darryl Sladden

Cisco CMX is a wireless analytics engine providing a much toolset for engaging and measuring customers within any business. This latest update makes incredible improvements across many capabilities allowing tighter specifics on location with quicker updates, flow analysis throughout a given location that you can measure and reward as you tweak your business in ways you never imagined possible.

RSSI with Jimmy Ray on the whiteboard

As the saying goes – the three things that matter most in real estate: Location, location, location. Proper attribution for this famous phrase is murky at best…or takes more research than my one google search. The point still rings true, and I would simply extend it by adding ‘Analytics.’ Location Analytics is promising rich returns and one of the key differentiators being offered now is RSSI or Received Signal Strength Indication.

What is it and why should you care?

Jimmy Ray illustrates StreetPass with his Nintendo to show how offering something of value will encourage use of features that do ask you to share more personal data. Join him to help conquer “Bravely Default” in your spare time.

EMSP with Vijaya Baliwada

The creativity coming out of mobile apps that can solve unique problems for specific industries within the Enterprise is stunning. The kind of data and analytics we can now leverage is detailed and real-time. The magic around mobility really shines when creativity and great data are combined. It’s not always easy – but it is critical for success in the BYOD world. An article in Forbes stated it well: The Shortage of Developer Talent is Crushing Mobile.

This shortage of talented developers, mobile in particular, is having an effect on time to market, reduced productivity and lost opportunity revenue. Making it easier to develop and update mobile application is certainly one answer. If we can also make it easier to leverage the incredibly rich data already there on the network…well that is a even BETTER answer.

Check the Spec: 2700 Access Point

The 2700 series of Wi-Fi access points continue the Cisco Aironet heritage of RF excellence rounding out the 802.11ac line. Ideal for plugging capacity and coverage gaps in dense indoor environments. These AP’s run on purpose built chipsets featuring the HDX or High Definition Experience suite of unique capabilities required for maximizing all that 802.11ac has to offer. The press release offers good positioning information with the rest of the portfolio.

Coming Soon: Fundamentals of HDX….

Prime Service Catalog with Song Toh

Shopping online is not only for your consumer goods. It is the ideal way to deliver and control all the IT services you make available. Today’s users are not going to tolerate the friction caused by multiple systems, unique policies or help desk issues. They really want to help themselves and move on.

Prime Service Catalog software is a self-service portal for end users to order and manage any type of IT service – from data center to desktop to mobile services. This software lets IT standardize and consolidate a wide array of services, and gives end users a self-service shopping experience within your enterprise. It also helps to standardize, unify, and automate delivery processes for a broad range of data center, workplace, and mobile services.

If only we had more time…

Cisco Mobile Workspace a business-to-employee (B2E) solution that gives your mobile employees highly secure, easy access to a portable workspace environment from any device. They can consistently use business applications, communicate and conference, and access content from nearly anywhere. They become more productive and collaborative with co-workers, partners, and customers.

The solution integrates three stand-alone modules:

  • BYOD. Secure mobile devices on the network using Cisco technology integrated with Cisco partners’ mobile device management (MDM) software. Both on- premises and cloud service options are available.
  • Mobile Collaboration. Extend your Cisco Unified Communications and conferencing apps to mobile networks and give users features and experiences consistent with what they get on the LAN.
  • Desktop Virtualization. Securely deliver Windows-based applications to any device via the data center, where app and data remain safely secured.

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