Content is one thing. Marketing is another. The two are straightforward on their own but significantly more complex when combined. What we do at TechWiseTV is content marketing. But its still a work in progress.

My friend Amy Lewis (@commsninja) tweeted an article by Tracy Vides on ‘How Content Marketing is Ruining your Business”

Got me thinking about how we really have to work on the marriage between these two terms.

So many marketing plans include a general statement: “Lets make a video. ” I still have to actively avoid this tendency. I tend to fall in love with a story or technology so much that I catch myself assuming that it will be found. Shared and appreciated.

But what is our goal for any particular show? If you answer ‘awareness’ then you are setting your trap. Awareness is worthy goal but it can be a slippery slope. You can’t stop with that ansswer.

It is well stated in the article that if content marketing is your objective, then you really need to work backwards from your goal to ensure you end up where you planned.

When we work on a show. I am enamored of the technology and how we will tell the story. I will fail however if I don’t remember ‘why’ we are doing a particular story and plan the action we want viewers to take. Its a balance of course. If you go to far with this then you get overly perscriptive with the action and forget that the content needs to have value for the audience.

Entertainment. Education. Motivation. All ideally in alignment. Great article Tracy. Thanks for sharing Amy.





Robb Boyd

Producer, Writer, Host