Yasmin Kirton

Director Global Commercial EMEAR


As an experienced Global leader my passion is in driving transformational change through effective leadership . My strengths include developing high-performing teams, resources and solving complex problems . Achieving success is in bridging gaps between varying lines of business. This is by motivating and investing in 'the people' and where my coaching qualifications help me. I’m originally from the UK but through my career have lived in various countries to include South Africa where I now reside with my husband. Our children and grand children are based across three continents, so we try and grab every available opportunity in travelling to spend precious time together. Our love when not travelling overseas is exploring the wildlife here and the magical landscapes that this country offers. My background is of mixed race. Together with my brother we are joint trustees for the School of Oriental Arts and African Studies in London supporting bursaries for students of mixed race. Embracing life is my passion and encouraging others to ‘live their dreams to the full’!