R.Wayne Ogozaly

Technical Lead Engineer – Cloud Architect

R. Wayne Ogozaly is a Technical Lead Engineer in Cisco's Systems Development Unit. As one of Cisco’s leading Cloud Architects, Wayne has played a major role in designing cloud data centers for Enterprises and Service Providers across the globe. He is an 18 year veteran of Cisco Systems who has held increasing engineering roles spanning high end router development to designing network architectures for the Media and Entertainment space. His areas of expertise include Cloud Data Center designs, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services, Service Provider transport, advanced Media Data Centers, and Cloud Infrastructure designs. He has published several papers on advanced networking technologies at national trade shows. Wayne has received multiple patents for the "Control Plane Protection" security feature which is the premiere method to protect Cisco routers from Denial of Service attacks.

Prior to his work at Cisco Systems, Wayne was a Lead Development Engineer for Raytheon Company. In his role as a "rocket scientist", Wayne led the development of real-time embedded processors for radar, optical, navigation, and guidance systems. He also led the software development of commercial products including a collision avoidance system for automobiles; and a Brazilian Tropical Rain Forest monitoring system.

Wayne holds Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics from Binghamton University. He is on the Board of Directors of multiple non-profit organizations in which he is a trusted technology advisor.


May 15, 2014


Business Continuity and Workload Mobility for Private Cloud (CVD Part 3)

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What is Next-Gen Workload Mobility for the Private Cloud? Enterprises across the globe have been asking for simpler ways to provide multi-site Business Continuity and Workload Mobility for applications hosted in their Private Cloud. The Cloud promises a more agile operational environment and that promise has been fulfilled to a large extent within their data centers. […]

May 1, 2014


Business Continuity and Workload Mobility for Private Cloud (CVD-Part2)

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In my previous blog, we provided an overview of the critical use cases and innovations we included in our new Business Continuity and Workload Mobility Solution for Private Cloud.  This blog highlights the critical trends and challenges driving new multi-site Cloud designs. Two important trends are driving CTO’s and CIO’s to deploy new multi-site Cloud solutions that provide better Business Continuity, […]

August 25, 2014


Business Continuity and Workload Mobility for Private Cloud (Cisco Validated Design-Part1)

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As a Cloud Architect, I’ve had the privilege to work with CTOs and CIOs across the globe to uncover the key factors driving Business Continuity and Workload Mobility across their cloud infrastructures. We’ve worked with enterprises, large and small, and service providers to answer their top five concerns in our new Business Continuity and Workload Mobility solution for […]