Walter Sulym

Team Lead, IPS Signature Development, RTP, NC


Walter Sulym, Team Lead, IPS Signature Development, RTP, NC

Walter has been with Cisco for over 10 years, has been with the Security Research and Operations IPS Signature Development Team since it's inception in 2005, and currently serves as the team lead. Most recently, he has picked up the role of configurations manager to provide structure and direction in signature usability across the various IPS platforms offered by Cisco. Prior to the signature team, Walter spent 5 years in the Security and VPN TAC in RTP, North Carolina, eventually focusing on attack mitigation and IPS. Before Cisco, Walter has worked in various enterprises including an MSP, a privately held chemical company, a publicly held industrial gases company, as a network administrator for a school system, and field service and support for a VAR/reseller.

You can also find short videos from Walter on the Security Intelligence Operations home page every second Tuesday of the month where he manages to deliver an overview of Microsoft's released bulletins in around 3 minutes.

Walter lives in North Carolina with his wife, 2 children, dog, leopard gecko, and 4 hermit crabs and spends a lot of his free time with a camera in hand.


April 18, 2014


Cisco IPS Signature Coverage for OpenSSL Heartbleed Issue

2 min read

The Cisco IPS Signature Development team has released 4 signature updates in the past week. Each of the updates contains either modifications to existing signatures or additional signatures for detection of attacks related to the OpenSSL Heartbleed issue. I’m going to take a moment to summarize the signature coverage.