Virginia Teixeira

Principal Architect

Service Provider

Virginia Teixeira is a Principal Architect in Cisco Systems focused on the evolution of SP networks to 5G, in particular, its impact on SP Networking and the introduction of cloud RAN Virginia has over 20 years of experience in the telecom market. She has worked in multiple SP technology fields with a special focus on mobile networks’ technologies and key architecture transitions. In the past few years, has been defining and driving critical SP transport architecture shifts including the evolution to SDN converged transport, 5G enabled transport, introduction of CRAN/vRAN. Prior to joining Cisco, Virginia was a sales consultant at Siemens, working in Siemens headquarters, supporting UMTS projects worldwide.


How Latency Meets its Match with Network Slicing

4 min read

Network Slicing is a key concept in 5G and a way to utilize the network in a more intelligent and cost-effective way than ever before.