Vinaya Springer

Manager Systems Engineer, Sales

US Commercial

I am the Engineering Manager within our Commercial Select Sales segment here at Cisco, based out of Maryland. After graduating from North Carolina A&T SU, I started my Cisco career in our Cisco Sales Associate Program as an ASE and have served in various roles throughout my Cisco journey. Leadership, coaching, and mentoring are my strong suits and passion! Each Cisco role I have had or opportunity outside to serve in my community has had these passion intertwined into such. It started at young age when I played basketball, rather it was being a role player or being one of the team captains. I didn't need the title in order to want to have an impact. I earned it along the way and has been the story of my life thus far. In my spare time, I love to give back by volunteering time to the local elementary, middle, and high school STEM programs. The youth are our future and I want to leave a lasting impact on them! I believe one of the ways to do this and to be visible and be authentic.


September 10, 2020


This is My Voice: Empowering an Inclusive Future for All 

3 min read

Vinaya, an Engineer Manager, shares her story of leadership and mentoring and becoming a voice in Cisco's mission to empower an inclusive future for all.