Villayat Muhammad

Technical Leader, Engineering

Villayat is a Cisco Veteran for over 16 years and one of the pioneers in the field of Voice Over IP Technology. He is a Cloud Security Architect at Cisco, serving globally the Service Provider community. In a day-to-day work Villayat focuses on the new technologies, architect new and innovative solutions and come up with implementations, which could potentially benefit Service Provider communities and eventually the end users. Currently worked on first ever Cisco Cloud security for public and private cloud deployment with key focus on industry standard compliances such as PCI 3.0, HIPAA and FISMA.

He is also a President of an ERG (Employee Resource Group) group at Cisco and has passion to give back to our community. He has done many projects around the globe by filling the cultural gap, which helps Cisco developing their business in the emerging markets and educate their employees and customers.

He lives in Murphy Texas with his wife and three lovely Kids.


December 18, 2014


Cisco Cloud Security for Public and Private Cloud – A Secure, and Compliant Cloud Data Center

3 min read

Recently the widespread fire of data breaches impacting privacy of millions of hapless people across the globe has become the stirring news. This spree of cyber attacks unveiling the fact that information security industry, organizations and even governments are vulnerable to today’s persistent, well-organized and sophisticated cyber threats. There was a common theme among all […]