Toerless Eckert

Principal Engineer
Cisco Network Operating Systems Technology Group

Toerless Eckert is a Principal Engineer in Cisco Network Operating Systems Technology Group (NOSTG) working as a Technology and Systems Architect. Toerless has developed products, solutions and architectures on IP Multicast, Service Provider video, MPLS/LSM, DOCSIS,  Enterprise Medianet and lately Autonomic Networking. Toerless joined Cisco in 1999 working for a year n London before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Before joining Cisco, Toerless studied and worked in Germany in applied networking research at his University, for the German research network DFN and the European research network DANTE as well as consulting for commercial network operators. Toerless has over 25 years of experience in networking technologies. He holds a Master of Computer Science from the University of Erlangen Nuernberg.

Toerless lives in Silicon Valley, he has a passion for bicycling, vacationing in interesting places, photography and cooking.

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