Shimri Vachter

Cyber Strategy, Vision & Framework

Customer Experience (CX) EMEAR

Shimri Vachter is the Business Development Leader for Cisco South Europe Cyber Services. In his last role, he was a Global Cyber Services Business & Strategy Leader for Dell Technologies Cyber services, developing advanced cyber solutions for corporate and governmental customers. In his academic capacity, Mr. Vachter holds a Management Master of Science, with a thesis focused on raising self-efficacy as a Situational Executive leader. An expert for cyber strategy for large corporations, as well as at the national level, Mr. Vachter has more than 15 years of experience within several leading technology conglomerates. Mr. Vachter holds vast experience as an Executive Business Development Management Leader, EBC leader, keynote speaker, WW Channel Management, Go-To-Market Strategic Planning, National & Enterprise Cyber strategy plan, design, and execution. In addition, he holds a Psychology BA of Ben-Gurion University, CISSP and CISO certification, and Cornell University Strategy executive course. Finally, Mr. Vachter is a Formal Director within the Israeli Chamber of Commerce.


July 12, 2022


Leading and Mentoring in Cyber Security at Cisco

2 min read

Mentorship is important to Shimri and in his post he shares how helping others to grow is a lot like the Bugatti Chiron.