Simone Arena

Principal Technical Marketing Engineer

Enterprise Networking & Cloud

Hey there! My name is Simone Arena and I a Principal Technical Marketing Engineer (PTME) within the Cisco Enterprise Networking & Cloud team. My primarily focus is enterprise wireless network architectures and solutions. As the lead TME architect for Catalyst Wireless, my time is split between helping customers and partners designing the best solution that fits their needs and engineering/product management, trying to evolve and improve our solutions. I am based in Italy and outside work I have two passions: my two daughters, Viola and Anita, and my hometown soccer team, Fiorentina.


September 2, 2021


Cisco Catalyst 9100 series, much more than Wi-Fi connectivity

4 min read

Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Point is much more than Wi-Fi connectivity, it’s a multi-function and multi-purpose platform for Innovation, capable of enabling multiple wireless technologies.