Savita Adiga

Director, Business Architecture


Savita is a Connector-Creator with a passion for customer and team success and over 2 decades of experience delivering tangible value in complex environments through large-scale cross-functional transformations.

She believes in the power of bringing together competent people with diverse strengths and providing them a safe environment to explore, experiment, fail fast and learn, solve high-value problems for customers, and take charge of their career goals.

She is currently in the Strategy and Planning team within the Networking and Security Business.

She got her engineering degree from University of Mumbai, India; if not an engineer she would have loved to study psychology because she is fascinated by people and the workings of the mind.

She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband and 2 children from whom she learns something new every single day. In her spare time, she enjoys Bollywood music and dancing and being with her close circle of friends.


September 4, 2018


11 Years Of Learning and Growth at Cisco, and More to Come!

2 min read

Savita thought she'd never stay at a company for more than 3 years because she'd learn all there was to learn -- but at Cisco? That's quite the opposite! She's been here 11 years and is still learning!