Rob Coote

System Analyst

Northern Alberta, Canada

Rob Coote is a System Analyst for a K-12 public school district in northern Alberta, Canada. An IT generalist with a strong focus on Networking and Virtualization, he provides support for classroom technology for staff, students and administrators. Rob is a constant learner, keeping up with networking and related technologies in his home lab, and is always pursuing that next certification. He is also a part time blogger, and Cisco Champion.

At home he is a father and husband. In his free time he enjoys reading, video games, and cooking. Someday he hopes to be a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen or Masterchef to fulfill his dream of being yelled at by Gordon Ramsay.


March 4, 2014


#IoE Napkin Math and Your Daily Commute

4 min read

Google is creating a vehicle that drives itself. This isn’t really news, right? They’re testing it all over the place, and it’s on the roads in California, at least on highways and freeways (it’s my understanding Google employees are required to be hands-on on side streets and residential areas) and few would argue that the […]

October 23, 2013


Los Angeles Unified School District – Hack the iPads!

3 min read

It didn’t take long, but soon after the Los Angeles Unified School District began their rollout of some 650,000 iPads to their students, they ran into some technical issues. Students in at least one of LAUSD’s high schools quickly discovered a way to bypass the security on the devices. Still in Phase 1 of the […]

September 18, 2013


Los Angeles Unified School District – iPads for Everyone!

3 min read

Earlier this year, Los Angeles Unified School District announced a $30 Million deal with Apple to distribute iPads to every single one of their estimated 650,000 students. This marks a milestone in public education as the first ever school district to deploy this kind of device to each and every student. Over the past several […]