Ritchie Ramos

Field Marketing

Ritchie or Ritch has always been in Marketing, ever since graduating from college.  He’s been in brand management a little over 10 years and has handled famous Philippine brands such as Nissin Cup Noodles, Pop Cola, Rebisco Sandwiches, Payless Instant Noodles, EQ diaper and JobStreet.com.

Cisco is Ritchie’s 2nd stint as a Marketing person in an IT company.  Previously, he was connected with Novare Technologies, a company involved in developing mostly corporate mobile applications. 

At Cisco, Ritchie is currently involved in Field Marketing, implementing programs for Commercial, Enterprise, Public Sector and Service Provider accounts.

This is Ritchie’s 2nd year with Cisco.

Ritchie took up Marketing Management in DLSU, where he also finished his MBA degree.


May 15, 2013


Exploring Social Media with Caution

2 min read

Today, we have never been so connected and accessible.  Information has never been that easy to get.  And we’ve never been spoiled with so many updates. I used to remember sending snail mails (from Manila) to my grandma who was living in the U.S. back then.  That took a lot of time.  I remember my […]