Ricardo Santos

Education Business Development Lead

Cisco Global Industry Solution Group

Ricardo Santos is the Education Lead for Cisco in the UK and Europe, on Cisco’s Global Industry Solutions Group, helping customers and partners drive digital transformation initiatives to solve real-life business needs. During his 20 years at Cisco and over 30+ years of experience in IT and Telecom, he has developed a deep understanding of the industry landscape, working closely with solution providers and Universities, Research Centres, Schools and Government Entities in Europe and the Americas. , to identify digital transformation gaps and help customers adopt solutions to support their pedagogical programs and enhance cost-efficient services for students, faculty and staff wherever needed. Ricardo holds a master’s degree in business administration from Duke University (USA), a post-graduate degree in advanced management from INSEAD (France), and several education development programmes. He also has 30+ years of experience working as a Teacher and Researcher in Higher Ed Institutions, focusing on Marketing, Business Strategy and Digital Transformation.


May 16, 2024


Integrating IT and Campus Facilities for Future-Ready Learning Space

3 min read

Step onto a campus reimagined—where Cisco's innovative digital integration meets modern educational needs, crafting an unparalleled on-campus experience for today's students and faculty.