Richard Gold

Security Advocate

Cloud Web Security (CWS)

Dr. Richard Gold is a security advocate at Cisco, working for the Cloud Web Security (CWS) service. Richard has been doing network security work, specialising in Industrial Control Systems (ICS/SCADA), in particular the energy sector. He has been involved in the setting up network intrusion detection systems & honeypots for ICS systems. As well as this, Richard also performed risk assessment/penetration testing for both internal and external customers, for example, cracking WPA2-PSK & WPA2 Enterprise networks. The risk assessment work included mapping out target networks, target selection and tracking via social networks, phishing campaigns and inventory/vulnerability checking. As part of this work he was certified as a SCADA Security Architect.

In a previous life Richard did a lot of work on wireless sensor networks and network architecture.


January 7, 2014


OpenSSL Website Breached Via Hypervisor Management Interface Misconfiguration

2 min read

The website of the OpenSSL project, which provides a widely-used SSL/TLS implementation, was breached on 29th December and defaced (OpenSSL.org announcement). This defacement only affected the website of the project, however. The OpenSSL project has since checked the cryptographic hashes of the OpenSSL source code and confirmed that the source code has not been modified […]