Ramesh Mishra

Director, Engineering

Enterprise Networking, Analytics and Cloud

Ramesh Mishra has 18+ years of industry experience building products both at startup and large companies. He is currently a Director of Engineering in the Enterprise Networking group at Cisco. His current role spans leading SD-Access/IBN, Application Hosting on Catalyst 9k Switches, Network Automation area for Cloud Edge and Switching features. Prior to joining Cisco, Ramesh has worked at Ericsson and Fore Systems/Marconi building platforms and products in Software defined space. He also brings in research experience from Ericsson Research having filed 12+ SDN patents. On the personal front, Ramesh is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing cricket, ping pong and spending time with his family.


March 31, 2022


Cisco SD-Access in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Secure Access Solution for a Changing Industry

5 min read

Healthcare IT is using Cisco SD-Access to address changing network requirements in a dynamic industry facing pandemic disruptions, privacy regulations, and the need for secure remote telemedicine.