Raj Krishna

Vice President, Product Management

Cisco Meraki

Raj Krishna has more than a decade of experience in leading technology groups in networking and wireless. Today, Raj currently leads product management and strategy at the Cloud Networking Group of Cisco as the head of product management. He started his career with Meraki, Inc. running wireless product management, where he helped grow quarterly revenue for Meraki wireless by more than 10x, leading Meraki to eclipse virtually every competitor, including HP, Motorola and Juniper.

Before joining Meraki, Raj was Founder and CEO of Vega Systems, a 7-person startup focused on improving wireless communications over 3G and 4G networks. Raj architected a key technology which leveraged a number of compression and data optimization techniques to deliver 3-4x the bandwidth a typical carrier channel could provide. Out of his college dorm room at UCLA, Raj authored the patents behind the technology, built a team, put his life savings on the line, and eventually raised Series A funding from VCs. In high school, Raj was also the Founder and VP of Product of Fatte Telecom, a calling and SMS routing startup built on Asterisk; Raj led this company to a successful acquisition by the GlobalRoam group for millions of dollars.

Over the course of Raj’s career, he has successfully led teams developing embedded, application and cloud software products including networking and wireless infrastructure products. He has also learned some tough lessons along the way, having been on the brink of financial and emotional collapse several times during his times as a startup founder.

Raj received his B.S. degree in Business and Economics from the UCLA in California.


October 25, 2018


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