Ravi Guntupalli


Cisco Provider Mobility

Ravi Guntupalli is the CTO of the Cisco Provider Mobility Group. Ravi currently focuses on enhancing the next generation of solutions within Cisco’s Provider Mobility Group and Networking teams by spending time with various global operators, understanding the next set of deployment challenges, and accelerating their rollouts in both consumer and enterprise markets. With over 20 years of experience, Ravi has helped develop architectures in 3G, 4G, and 5G for network operators around the world. He helps operators enhance their mobility/wireless solutions, solve migration challenges, develop new use cases, and roll out new deployment models. For the past few years, Ravi has been driving solutions that address enterprise use cases by leveraging the capabilities of 4G and 5G architectures. Before joining Cisco 10 years ago, Ravi worked at Nokia Solutions, Siemens Communications, and Motorola.


February 6, 2023


Journey to a Converged Core, A Technical View

8 min read

Cisco has long been an industry leader in mobile cores and our Converged Core solution continues that leadership by delivering outcomes tightly aligned with our communication service provider customer needs.