Patrick Morrissey

Senior Vice President

Service Provider - Americas

Patrick Morrissey is Senior Vice President of the Americas Service Provider organization, which encompasses major telco and mobile, cable and media, and web companies across the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Service Providers are at a critical crossroads where innovative services and network scale dictate the leaders within the highly competitive market. With a customer-centric approach, Patrick and his team enable customer transformation through major market disruption via tip-of-the-spear web scale networking, SP network transformation and enterprise digitization. Patrick joined Cisco in 2000 with the acquisition of ArrowPoint Communications. Since then, he built the nascent Web & Media business, creating a new vision and strategy for Cisco during a time of significant technology and business model disruption. He established a new co-development engagement model that enabled Cisco to evolve its mass scale networking strategy and gain a seat at the table with some of the world’s most influential customers. Prior to his current role, Patrick was the Vice President of Sales and Operations in the Global Service Provider theater, responsible for Verizon. His team’s efforts shifted the customer dialogue from vendor to strategic partner and were recognized by Verizon as the standard engagement model for all its other suppliers Patrick’s passion for inclusion and diversity as part of building and developing teams has led to leadership roles on several committees, including Cisco’s Americas Global Service Provider Inclusion and Diversity team. Patrick also serves as the executive sponsor for Cisco’s Early in Career Network, responsible for fostering the New England Community. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a double major in management and marketing from Nichols College. He also possesses dual citizenship – United States and Ireland (EU).


August 19, 2020


Ping, beware. The Cisco network has entered the Realm.

2 min read

Cisco is embarking on a new partnership with Riot Games, the developers of the world's No. 1 PC video game, League of Legends. As the Official Enterprise Networking Partner of LoL Esports, Cisco technology will power the future of this fast-growing sport.