Neeraj Malhotra

Principal Engineer

Enterprise Engineering – PI Common

Neeraj Malhotra is a Principal Software Engineer currently focused on architecture and development of overlay routing and switching technologies at Cisco. Neeraj has over 20 years of software development experience with deep expertise in routing and switching technologies and layer-3/2 forwarding infrastructure. He is the lead software architect and developer of BGP EVPN implementations across multiple Network Operating Systems at Cisco and a key contributor to VXLAN and MPLS based overlay fabric and interconnect solutions across Enterprise, DC, and SP verticals. Prior to focusing on overlay technologies, he was the lead software developer of FIB infrastructure on IOS-XR operating system. Working on IOS-XR FIB from its inception, he led development of fast convergence forwarding infrastructure and technologies including BGP-PIC, LFA FRR, and TI-LFA. Outside of Cisco, Neeraj led architecture and development of an independent network operating system for merchant silicon-based white-box routing platforms at an early stage startup, Arrcus, and in his early career at Nortel, developed call processing features and embedded software for VoIP line-cards. Neeraj has a total of twelve approved or filed US patents and is an active contributor and author at IETF. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, and a Masters in Computer Engineering from NC State. In his free time, he enjoys mountain and road biking, and playing music with his college band mates.


May 20, 2021


Choosing the Best Overlay Routing Architecture for EVPN

14 min read

When implementing an Ethernet Virtual Private Network, the choice of network design for overlay routing is influenced by scalability, multi-tenancy, segmentation, and operational simplicity. Learn how the key differences among varying overlay routing architectures makes it possible to evaluate and choose an implementation that offers the best fit for an organization.