Niki Walek

Customer Engagement Manager

ServiceGrid Smart Bonding

Niki is a Customer Engagement Manager for ServiceGrid Smart Bonding working out of the Vienna office in Austria. He joined Cisco 2013 through the acquisition of SolveDirect – now known as ServiceGrid. In 2011 he kicked-off his journey with SolveDirect/ServiceGrid in the role of an Implementation Specialist and Project Manager based out of Sunnyvale, California, where he worked and lived together with his wife until 2013. From beginning of 2015 to end of 2017 he managed a delivery team of Technical Consultants in the US out of Austria. End of Q1FY18 he moved on to the role of the Customer Engagement Manager for EMEAR and APJC region for ServiceGrid Smart Bonding.

Niki lives about 20 min outside of Vienna, Austria, with his wife and two adorable daughters, where he enjoys doing activities with the family. He loves soccer but isn’t playing that much anymore. But doing sports and staying fit is still important to him and next to running and mountain biking he recently discovered and enjoys very much a new type of High-Intensity training called Breakletics. Feel free to get connected with Niki on Twitter or Instagram!


June 14, 2018


How Soccer Connects Cisco Austria

3 min read

Niki Shares how soccer brought his colleagues together in Cisco Austria and how this has helped them to get to know each other better.