Mohit Lad

Manager & Co-founder


Mohit Lad is General Manager and co-founder of ThousandEyes. ThousandEyes’ internet and Cloud intelligence technology delivers deep visibility and insights into the digital delivery of applications and services over the internet. Acquired by Cisco in 2020, ThousandEyes was founded ten years prior by Mohit Lad and Ricardo Oliveira with the vision to empower customers to see the internet and cloud like it’s their own environment. As businesses pursue digitization, adopting cloud services, SaaS applications and software-defined networks, enterprises are faced with managing a complex ecosystem of services, networks, and providers that sit beyond their corporate perimeters. The combination of Cisco’s expertise in network and application performance with ThousandEyes’ visibility into the internet provides customers with unmatched, end-to-end visibility from campus networks to the internet, SaaS, and cloud-based services that are so critical to business, but lie outside of enterprises’ direct control. Prior to ThousandEyes, Mohit received his Ph.D. in Computer Science at UCLA where his research led to a better understanding of internet routing and networking protocols through modeling and creative visualizations, resulting in publication in top conferences and journals.


June 14, 2022


Empowering Our Customers to Thrive in an Internet-centric World

Announcing ThousandEyes WAN Insights – a pivotal step toward delivering on the Cisco Predictive Networks vision, starting with customers’ SD-WAN environment. Co-founder and GM Mohit Lad shares his thoughts on this milestone.

March 30, 2021


End-to-End Visibility for the Borderless Enterprise

Get end-to-end visibility for a borderless enterprise with Cisco, ThousandEyes and Appdynamics. Learn how we are empowering every Cisco customer to see every network, even those they don't own or control, seamlessly as if they were their own.