Mohit Lad

Senior Vice President & General Manager

Cisco Networking Assurance

Mohit Lad is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Networking Assurance at Cisco, where he is responsible for driving end-to-end network assurance in today’s Internet-centric network architectures. Mohit is also Co-founder and CEO of ThousandEyes, the first Internet and cloud intelligence technology of its kind. Mohit founded ThousandEyes in 2010 with Ricardo Oliveira to help companies see the Internet and cloud as if it was their own environment and empower them to understand and improve digital experiences everywhere. ThousandEyes became part of Cisco in 2020 and, under Mohit’s leadership, has continued to innovate and grow, providing an even stronger and integrated product to customers. Prior to ThousandEyes, Mohit earned his Ph.D. in computer science at UCLA, where he and Ricardo both worked in the Internet Research Lab on modeling, visualizing and improving Internet architectures, resulting in publications in top conferences and journals. Mohit is passionate about networking - and the Internet in particular - and was deeply involved with North American Network Operations Group (NANOG) from 2010 to 2020, serving on its program committee for more than six years. Mohit also ardently supports entrepreneurship, mentoring fellow founders and serving on the board of Groove, a growth stage sales engagement company.


June 14, 2022


Empowering Our Customers to Thrive in an Internet-centric World

3 min read

Announcing ThousandEyes WAN Insights – a pivotal step toward delivering on the Cisco Predictive Networks vision, starting with customers’ SD-WAN environment. Co-founder and GM Mohit Lad shares his thoughts on this milestone.

March 30, 2021


End-to-End Visibility for the Borderless Enterprise

5 min read

Get end-to-end visibility for a borderless enterprise with Cisco, ThousandEyes and Appdynamics. Learn how we are empowering every Cisco customer to see every network, even those they don't own or control, seamlessly as if they were their own.