Michelle Fleury

Senior Director

Supply Chain Transformation

Michelle leads the Supply Chain Transformation (SCT) team for Cisco. Her team plays a critical role in enabling the supply chain to execute on fundamentals and to adapt rapidly to the changing needs of the business and of Cisco’s customers. SCT is essential in creating supply chain strategy, digitizing the supply chain, providing leadership in acquisition integration, and partnering to develop the operational model for Cisco’s expanding businesses.

Prior to Supply Chain, Michelle lead the Data Protection team within the Security and Trust Organization for Cisco as Chief Data Protection Officer. In her time with the Data Protection Program she built a framework that encompassed corporate data governance, enterprise-wide data incident response, and a comprehensive security certification and compliance strategy.

With more than 17 years of global leadership experience at Cisco, Michelle has led organizations within a majority of Cisco’s critical functions: Engineering, Channel Sales, Services, Operations, and Corporate Governance. From leading Engineering Business Operations to serving as Chief of Staff and Corporate Director of Worldwide Channel Operations, Michelle focus and commitment to operational excellence has been a driving force in her tenure at Cisco.

Michelle holds a Masters of Science in Management from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Eastern Illinois University, as well as numerous technical certifications.

Outside of Cisco, Michelle has advised and continues to serve on the Board of Directors at numerous Silicon Valley startups. You can find her online at LinkedIn.


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