Michael Paddock

Founder and CEO

Grants Office LLC

Michael Paddock is the founder and CEO of Grants Office, an international grants development services firm. Mr. Paddock served from 1996-2001 on the US Interagency Electronic Grants Committee, working with policymakers from federal and state grant-making agencies to develop the Federal Electronic Grants Clearinghouse at Grants.gov, and he co-founded the New York State E-grants project in 1999. In his role and Grants Office, he consults on a wide range of funding topics, covering broadband, higher education, K-12 schools, and public safety.


October 27, 2021


How to Make Your Broadband Application Competitive

5 min read

If you’re planning to apply for a broadband grant, keep in mind that all the work you put into your application will eventually get boiled down to a number: the score the proposal receives from the reviewers. It's important that your proposal not only be compliant with the application requirements, it should also be as competitive as possible by qualifying for as many additional points as your project can.

October 13, 2021


How to Choose the Right Funding Program for Your Broadband Projects

6 min read

New and expanded broadband funding programs are being launched to reduce disparities in access to robust internet capacity across the country. Find out how to choose a funding program that matches your intended rural broadband project and make your applications more likely to be successful.

December 10, 2020


RDOF Technology and Systems Designs

3 min read

If you’re a winning RDOF bidder, you are required to complete a Long Form Application (FCC Form 683), including a detailed technology and system design plan.

November 19, 2020


Working with Communities to Expand Broadband Access

4 min read

By proactively working with community leaders, service providers can leverage their mutual interests with a wide range of public and private sector customers to build trust among all the stakeholders involved in the provision and use of essential broadband services.

September 30, 2020


Strategies for a Successful RDOF Bid

6 min read

If you’re planning to bid in the upcoming RDOF auction, preparation is key, and there are several strategies that can help make you more successful at winning the bids at the values you want, and just as importantly, avoiding placing low bids.

September 16, 2020


A Survey of Grants and Funding for Broadband Expansion

7 min read

The digital divide has been closing over the past decade, with help from a range of federal funding programs aimed at extending broadband services to underserved areas of the country. Before you start thinking about how much funding you want or where to go to find it, it’ll help to consider how and where you want to expand broadband services and what these services will enable your customer and stakeholders to do. Then you can start looking into the funding opportunities that can help make those more concrete plans a reality.