Mohit Hooda

Technical Education Content Developer

Learning & Certifications

Mohit is a technical content developer responsible for network automation and programmability technology tracks. Fueled by a desire to learn and grow in the ever-changing tech landscape, Mohit brings a wealth of experience across Cisco Collaboration and Cisco DevNet technologies to the Learning & Certifications team. Actively Cisco Certified with a DevNet Professional certification, Mohit's strong passion for DevOps technologies and software development is evident. Looking ahead to the future, he plans to continue applying his technical knowledge to solve real-world problems. When Mohit isn't hunting down his next challenge, Mohit likes to spend his free time immersed in a good book and playing soccer—but never both at the same time, of course.


November 29, 2023


Navigating the DevOps Roadmap

3 min read

The world of DevOps is abundant with tools and technologies, which can create confusion for novices. This blog charts out a DevOps roadmap, discussing the various phases of DevOps and popular tools that come in handy at each stage.

November 8, 2023


Intern to DevNet Professional Certification: My Personal Journey

3 min read

If, like Mohit, you enjoy both software development and networking, then Cisco DevNet certifications has plenty to offer by integrating network infrastructure with software applications, automation, and programmability. Here are Mohit's top recommendations to help you get started on your own DevNet learning and certification journey.

February 23, 2023


The Rise and Rise of DevOps Adoption

4 min read

DevOps adoption continues to surge as organizations chase the benefits of accelerated workflows. Meanwhile, tech professionals who build the DevOps skills to embrace this momentum face a rewarding road ahead.