Marc Faggion

Principal Engineer

Software Engineering – Enterprise Networking

Marc has been working at Cisco as an engineer since 2001, joining immediately after the dot.com bubble burst. Starting in the Cisco 7200 platform team, he wrote Assembly code to shift packets through Cisco custom ASICs. Moving up the stack, he lead the Session Border Controller integration into the ASR1000 platform and IOS-XE software, also helping to provide the first hosting environment applications (now the IOX infrastructure). After developing firewalls, IPS, and IDS solutions, he became one of the principal architects on the IOS XE team.


January 27, 2022


Moving Towards a Culture of Systemic Software Quality at Cisco

4 min read

When software development involves many developers and components, the tools and techniques that are used to maintain software quality need to evolve beyond simply code and test. Here are key considerations that go into maintaining software quality. 

November 10, 2021


Building Resiliency Guardrails to Isolate Crashes in Cisco Products

4 min read

The latest version of IOS-XE greatly improves software resiliency by reducing the fault domains to a single process using a process runtime architecture based on three software techniques: work units, transactions, and persistence.

March 8, 2021


How IOS XE Developers at Cisco Work Remotely and Cohesively on a 190-million-line Code Base

4 min read

Remote working at Cisco predated the pandemic. So when offices closed last March, Cisco IOS XE developers were well prepared. Aside from their ability to work remotely, our developers are incredibly efficient, productive, and maintain high quality due to our unique tooling and the ability to run IOS XE code modularly and independently.