Melissa Palmer

Systems Engineer

Melissa is a virtualization, converged infrastructure, and OpenStack enthusiast, and Systems Engineer at NetApp. Before NetApp she was an engineer for several very large enterprise VMware environments. She has Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees focused in Electrical Engineering and Secure Networked Systems Design. She’s a VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 4 and 5. As a strong advocate for community, Melissa is a VMUG member, contributor to the vBrownBag online community, and has been featured on panel discussions and podcasts for IT architecture and community programs. Melissa is also the Creative Director of the Virtual Design Master program, which focuses on community members who are working towards enterprise architecture and technology certification goals.


April 3, 2015


FlexPod for the Future

6 min read

I’ve been a huge fan of Cisco and NetApp’s FlexPod since 2011, when I had the pleasure of working with it for the first time.  We had just gotten two brand new UCS Chassis full of B-Series blades, and I was impressed with how quickly I had them up and running.   I wired up the UCS […]