Marty Fierbaugh

Technical Solutions Architect

Service Provider - Americas

Marty Fierbaugh is a senior technical leader and 25 year veteran of the Service Provider industry. Currently Marty holds the role of Chief Architect for Americas Mid-Market Service Providers where he directly impacts Cisco’s most innovative and strategic growth customers with the most diverse set of Service Provider business models. Marty joined Cisco in 2005 as a Systems Engineer in Service Provider with practical experience in architecting, engineering, and operating Service Provider networks. He is passionate about helping his customers consume technologies and partnering with Cisco’s engineering teams to align product strategy and direction to customer requirements. His technology focus is on Segment Routing, EVPN, Emerging Broadband Technologies like Fixed Wireless Access and Network Automation/NetDevOps.


September 9, 2020


Three Innovations to Bridge the Digital Divide in Rural Areas

Here in 2020, in the midst of a flourishing digital revolution, high-speed Internet connectivity is now within reach of practically everyone, everywhere, right? Not exactly. The high-tech future may be moving full steam ahead in cities and suburbs, but rural regions still face a huge digital divide. Fortunately, there’s good news on the horizon: connecting rural regions is getting easier and less expensive every year.