Marcel Neidinger

Associate Solutions Engineer

Marcel is a Computer Scientist by training and an API advocate and communicator by heart. Starting his programming endeavors at the age of 10 by developing his first own HTML page he has been hooked ever since. After spending 8 months in the collaboration CoE in Switzerland Marcel is currently an associate solutions engineer in the Cisco Sales Associate Program (CSAP) in Amsterdam where he is learning his ropes around all the different Cisco products.

Being genuinely interested in how people work, collaborate and communicate he has been tutoring and coaching teams of different sizes since graduating high school. An avid believer in design thinking and user-centric design processes he is now striving to automate processes to make everything as user-friendly and customized as possible.

When not writing python code or learning about equal-cost load balancing in EIGRP his favorite hobbies include flying, traveling and all kinds of endurance sports as well as writing and public speaking. However, writing about himself in the third person is one of his least-favorite hobbies.

Personal blog: https://marcel.nlogn.org

Github: https://github.com/squ4rks


December 11, 2019


APWhy, Part 2 – From Product, to Platform, to Ecosystem

2 min read

Through APIs developers can add functionality to platforms like Cisco Webex to build tailored solutions that deliver a customized user experience.

September 16, 2019


APWhy? Why a Product Without an API is Not a Product At All

3 min read

APIs are an innovation driver for the engineering teams using them, and a revenue driver for the companies providing them.