Madison Beard

Data Scientist

Team Analytics and Research, Leadership and Team Intelligence - HR

Madison Beard is a Data Scientist with an Industrial and Organizational Psychology background based out of RTP. Seated on the Team Analytics and Research arm of Leadership and Team Intelligence in HR, Madison designs and carries out research connecting employee sentiment with business outcomes such as performance, customer experience, and attrition. Madison came to Cisco from NC State University where she taught Psychology to undergraduate students, and was a member of Meta World Lab researching Correlates of Engineer Performance. She spent some time in the HR Recruiting world, refining a data-driven recruitment process at ROI Revolution and building technical teams from the ground up.

She is passionate about data-driven study of workers in the workplace, and articulating to business leaders the value of employee engagement and leadership. She is also interested in research involving work-life balance, stress and coping, and the impact of personality in the management of teams. With the goal of making a positive impact in the lives of workers by limiting obstacles to workers’ universal needs, she works towards building Cisco’s understanding of how policies and leader decisions impact workers through research.

Madison is part of a Cisco household, which includes her husband Shannon (CSE in Collaboration TAC), and their two young sons Jackson and Ezra. The Beards have passion around feeding people good, healthy food, especially the most vulnerable among us. If you are ever in downtown Raleigh, check out A Place at The Table, Raleigh’s first pay what you can restaurant that feeds everyone no matter their means.


August 8, 2018


There’s No “I” in Cisco – Finding Your Work Tribe

4 min read

Cisco employee Madison B. knows there's no "I" in Cisco - because it's all about the TEAMS!