Leandro Barbeita

Head of Rio Innovation Center

Corporate Strategic Innovation Group (CSIG)

Leandro Barbeita is a seasoned executive with experience in high tech companies, managing complex initiatives for public and private sectors in several different segments. He leads the Cisco Innovation Center Rio de Janeiro, and is responsible for initiatives in Brazil and Latin America.

During the past five years, he’s focused on transforming customers’ businesses through innovative solutions, co-developed in partnership with startups, VC funds, accelerators, R&D institutes, and others in the innovation ecosystem. Previously, he was with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Open Source.

Leandro and his wife have a seven-year-old boy and an eighteen-year-old girl. In his free time, he’s a huge fan of boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and also of historical romances.


November 1, 2017


Innovation Portfolio Management: Doing the Right Things

2 min read

When it comes to innovation, it’s important to do things right—but you also have to do the right things. Here are four principles of innovation portfolio management success from Cisco’s Innovation Center in Rio.